06/25/2020: I dreamt of fractals, alot of fractals and trippy colors that went all over the place, alot of familiar settings but obscured with fractals and bright rainbow shapes everywhere. Once i woke up i felt very confused and when i looked at the window the sky felt really ethereal.

06/21/2020: I dreamt of being on a floating island, can't remember much other than that .

06/17/2020: I had a dream of entering a fractured city that had a purple hue, there were long diagonal lines the length of a footbal field that were thin and had birds lining up on the line.

06/14/2020: Today i dreamt about an endless mall that would transfigure into a common motif but very twisted, i would be in a line that was walking rather quickly around the mall until we would find an elevator that would serve as an exit. After we exit though we were brought back to the entrance where we would repeat the same process over and over but in patterns that would differ time to time. Everyone would also comment about the current design. a notable place i came across in the mall was a door that led down to a hole that would lead to the same place where i was at staring at myself like it was a portal Cool dream

06/14/2020: Had a dream of a floating chair, really weird.

06/13/2020: I dreamt of a video game i played recently, being put in the shoes of the main character.

06/12/2020: I dreamt of being digitalized again, no eye tunnel though.

06/11/2020: I dreamt of a loud whistling noise that constantly echoed, and riding a cow that had two tails.

06/10/2020: Today i've dreamt of fractals, lots and lots of fractals.

06/08/2020: I dreamt of exploring an unfamiliar part in my city at night, sometimes i would see the textures of the wall would shift and wobble around.

06/07/2020: The patterns in my dreams have started to decrease, friends appearing in my dreams have become less common and the weird face swap and vague voices have stopped too. I dreamt of sailing in the sea today.

06/05/2020: As i stared at the night sky in the dark park, the Moon was no longer white, i cant tell what color it was but it wasnt white or any natural color. This dream felt really odd, not really unsettling or anything but i felt really odd after i woke up

06/04/2020: The patternal dreams have continued, but i had a nostalagic dream. It was a really long water slide that would stretch pretty far, and there would be ramps that would make you fly pretty high. I don't know why but it felt very nostalagic although it should be naturally scary considering it lasted pretty long and felt pretty real as if my body experienced such waterslides.

05/29/2020 - 06/03/2020: i've realized a pattern in my dreams, these patterns include my friends and school life every time the scenario or story would play out differentely and the setting would change oftenly during my dreams. But my friends and people from my school life would always occur in the stories. Sometimes people switch faces, and sometimes people who i havent met before speak in a vague familiar tone. These are the patterns ive noticed in my dreams thus far.

05/27/2020: I had an apocalyptic dream today, the cities were barren and vivid. I had my family and some of my friends accompanying me in our stride through the wasteland. I couldn't remember much of the story, it did transition though to another story in which i played the role as an action flick character, it was awesome and was mostly just chase downs and cool fights.

05/26/2020: I dreamt of being digitalized into a cyber realm. In the process of this digitlization i saw eyes made out of electric webs, there was a tunnel made out of these eyes and i felt myself floating through this tunnel slowly having myself digitalized.

05/25/2020: This day's dream isnt particularly interesting, although had a notable moment where i would constantly transverse through an urban area and then to the ocean. Also i'm gonna skip days that didn't have eminent or interesting dreams and days where i cant remember my dreams from now on.

05/24/2020: Today i start my journal, luckily this one was very clear and i could remember alot of detail. I start off in a long road in the middle of the night driving through the road a fog starts to appear, as i enter the fog and emerge from it i fall into a deep hole after this it all went white. I find myself in another story now the transition i can not really recall it felt like it just happened, I was in a school that was rather large it was tinted by the maroon sky and orange smog was covering the place, the school was littered with students everywhere. They were all disfigured and mutilated they acted like lunatics and kept wreaking havoc. There were other students that werent as bad but they were being hounded and maimed eaten or mutilated. I recall a story that had me going through this nightmare school by acting like them to get to a safe place and trying to find other sane students to escape. At the end of the dream i find a long corridor that lead to the principals office, there a friendly student would greet me and then we pulled the fire alarm and went through a hole at the back that lead to a parking lot which we used to escape while we were being chased.